Young People and Stigma

Young People and Stigma

Stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health problems is much more prevalent than many people realise. This is because there are different types of stigma and discrimination, some are more obvious like bullying, name calling and exclusion but many are much more subtle and less deliberate.

Studies carried out in Scotland reveal that 9 in 10 people with a mental health problem or illness will experience discrimination, either at school or work, in health & social care services or even from their own friends and family. Mental health stigma and discrimination delays people from asking for help and getting the help they need quickly which in turn causes people with mental health problems to be poorer on average, have fewer opportunities in life and die up to 20 years younger than the general population.

Because of this mental health stigma and discrimination should be included in any conversation about mental health and wellbeing.

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There is a wide variety of training courses available in Lanarkshire, which will help increase your confidence when discussing mental health. All of the courses are free. Courses are available for people who have an interest in mental health, professionals working in this field or to support employers to promote a mentally healthy work place. We would recommend you complete Scottish Mental Health First Aid, suicideTALK, and SAMH e-learning for teachers.

Find out about training available in your area by visiting the eLament website below:

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The following resources can be used in your lessons to ensure issues around mental health stigma and discrimination are embedded throughout the work you are doing as part of Healthy Schools.

Use of Language: The way we talk about mental health can really make a difference. The poster can be easily printed and demonstrates how to avoid using stigmatising language when talking about mental health.

Signposting: The Stigma Free Lanarkshire programme is not able to offer anyone direct support or advice, however there are many organisations who can. Whether you are a teacher, a pupil, a family member or friend you can direct people to these organisations using this poster. The poster can be printed and displayed or handed out.

Infographic: One of the best ways to tackle stigma is to educate yourself on mental health and share this knowledge others – the infographic below provides some information around young people’s mental health, as well as some tips on how to tackle mental health stigma.

Language poster SFL
Click image to download the use of language poster.
Signposting Young People
Click image to download signposting poster.
Young people and mental health stigma infographic
Click image to download the infographic poster.


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