Stigma Free Lanarkshire

Stigma Free Lanarkshire is a social movement aiming to bring together people who are passionate about challenging mental health stigma and discrimination and determined to stop it by enabling people who experience mental health problems to live fulfilled lives.

We are a dedicated team of 4 people funded by NHS Lanarkshire and See Me Scotland and hosted by Lanarkshire Links in Motherwell, although we cover the whole of Lanarkshire.

Our 10 strong programme board directs our current work plan until November 2020 and includes experts in the fields of health and social care with specialities in mental health, wellbeing, health promotion and suicide prevention among others.

Our work is divided into 4 key headings which are in line with See Me’s national programme as well as being threaded throughout the Good Mental Health for All Lanarkshire Action Plan. These are Community, Workplaces, Young People & Education and Health & Social Care.

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Individuals can sign up to the SFL Pledge by visiting the Join the Movement page you will receive the SFL e-bulletin which includes news of events, training opportunities, and updates on what is happening around mental health across Lanarkshire and nationally.

Join the Momement

Join the Movement

It is not difficult to become involved. Sometimes it’s just about starting a conversation. Every action against mental health stigma will make a difference.

Carols Recovery Story

Recovery Stories Project

Be inspired by people with lived experience of mental health issues who have reached a place of recovery and are sharing their stories.

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The latest on what’s happening to tackle stigma and discrimination across Lanarkshire.

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