Stigma Free Champions

Stigma Free Lanarkshire recruited 6 stigma champions from NHS Lanarkshire Health Improvement teams to take the programme’s key messages forward by engaging in local and national campaign and delivering our Understanding Stigma workshop. All of the champions are volunteers.

Our colleagues at See Me have found that 1 in3 people in Scotland experience mental health problems and 56% of people with a mental
health condition have experienced stigma and discrimination.

The main reason for stigma is a lack of understanding, so the more we talk openly and compassionately about mental health, the more we will create a safe space for barriers to be broken down. When others open up, we can listen and respond without judgement. So the champions have encouraged colleagues to sign up the Stigma Free Lanarkshire’s individual pledge to do just that and join a movement for change where individuals take small yet powerful action for collective impact.

The teams explored what joining the movement meant to people with mental health problems and to themselves. Here’s what they said:

Why do you think it’s important to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination?

What does signing the Stigma Free Lanarkshire individual pledge mean to you?

View more quotes from the teams by downloading the PDF here.