Management Committee

Lanarkshire Links – Operational Management during Covid 19 Pandemic

Lanarkshire Links like most charities will need to change the way we work during the pandemic. Decisions about how the Charity can operate during this time need to be taken collectively by the Management Committee (Charity Trustees), where possible. Whilst decisions on the short term measures will need to be taken quickly, the impact on longer term operations also needs to be carefully considered.

In response to the Scottish Government Regulations on face to face meetings the Management Committee met online on 10th June 2020. Three committee members including the Chair and Vice Chair were supported by the core staff team and an officer from NHS Lanarkshire at the meeting. The Management Committee agreed to apply a pragmatic approach to the operational management of the charity’s work as we work through the coming months.

It was agreed that committee members who are unable to attend on line meetings are made aware of decisions taken. It was agreed that major decisions and changes will be recorded and reported on to ensure transparency.

Taking cognisance of the constitution the Management Committee have considered the short term measures to ensure the continued day to day functions of the charity continue as seamlessly as possible.

Each Trustee will continue to act “in good faith” when acting for the charity at this time and make sure that the activities advance its charitable purposes. All decisions will be practical, realistic and achievable at this time.

Francis Fallan MBE Chairperson – 22.07.2020

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