The Strengthening Families Programme

The Strengthening Families Programme

Is for families who have children/young people aged 10-14 years who have been affected in some way by substance misuse.

This 7 week programme aims to bring families together through group discussions, fun games & activities to focus on topics such as managing adolescent behaviour, communication between parents/carers & children, exploring skills & tools to ensure appropriate boundaries, peer pressure, substance misuse, making positive life choices and strengthening the parent/carer child relationship through working and problem solving together!!!

A family buffet supper is held during break time.

Crèche is provided for younger siblings & Taxi transport is provided to and from the group.

The programme takes place at Coatbridge Community Centre, on Wednesday evenings, 5-8pm for 7 weeks and is run by staff from Community Alternatives, NL Integrated Addiction Team & Meridian.

Referrals can be submitted for the next programme 4th February 2015. Please Contact Liz Higgins on 01236 638842 for more information