Selfie Gallery – health and social care staff in North Lanarkshire
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Selfie Gallery – health and social care staff in North Lanarkshire

SELFIES have become the modern day medium of self expression.

Now health and social care staff in North Lanarkshire have marked the beginning of a new era – by creating a unique gallery of the smartphone self portraits.

In line with national legislation, the integration of health and social care went live in North Lanarkshire – and across Scotland – on 1 April 2016.

Integration – the most significant reform since the inception of the NHS – is about local teams of professionals working together alongside partners including unpaid carers, the voluntary sector and independent sector.

Janice Hewitt, Chief Accountable Officer of Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire, says the selfie gallery depicts a spectrum services and organisations – all united by common purpose.

“Just before integration’s launch I had the privilege of meeting, speaking and listening to staff and partners across North Lanarkshire in a series of staff events.

“As always, I was struck by the dedication and commitment across the broad range of teams and services making up Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire.

“During these meetings, we invited staff and partners to submit their selfies to showcase the spirit at the heart of health and care services here.

“The resulting gallery captures that diversity and energy. Crucially, the selfies also denote that we’re working together for a shared purpose – to create safer, healthier, independent lives for the people of North Lanarkshire.”

The publication of the selfie gallery follows the first meeting of North Lanarkshire Joint Integration Board on May 10.

The JIB took responsibility for planning, commissioning and overseeing the delivery of a wide range of health and social care functions.

Cllr Harry McGuigan, Chair of the JIB, said: “Integration is also about people receiving the information, support and care they need, efficiently and effectively at the right time and in the right place.”

You can view the selfie gallery – featuring a range of staff and partners from across North Lanarkshire here: http://www.hscnorthlan.scot/staff-selfies/