Going Beyond Harm – Half day event for carers
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Going Beyond Harm – Half day event for carers

What’s this?
Harm can come in all different forms, but an important, and quite often overlooked form of harm, is where carers views are not asked for, or worse not even listened to or accepted. The consequences of this for service users, staff and carers can be enormous.

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health has been working since 2012 to improve and develop safety initiatives within hospital mental health services across Scotland. They have succeeded in supporting NHS Boards to reduce the levels of harm across a number of areas such as restraint and violence. They have also been encouraging positive risk taking with service users, improving staff interaction with service users and taking into account concerns of service users. An area where they have sought guidance from Carers Trust has been around ensuring carers views are represented and their concerns about safety, both their own and service users, can be addressed as effectively as possible by mental health services working in partnership with carers.
Who is this for?

This event is for carers of people (adults, children or young people) with mental health problems who may, or have used, mental health services, such as in-patient services or community mental health services.

We are bringing together staff from mental health services throughout Scotland with the express intention of finding out what they are doing about carer involvement and patient safety within mental health services. We would like to invite carers to attend this event to give their views on how involving carers can help improve safety of service users, staff and carers.
When and Where?

Event will be on 31st August, in St Mungo’s Museum, Glasgow, 11am – 2.30pm. Tea, coffee and buffet lunch provided.
At this stage we are only asking if you are interested in attending. Once we know you are we will send you a registration form to complete. Your carer support worker can register your interest on scotland@carers.org or call 0300 123 2008, or you can contact the above and leave a note of interest. Once registration forms are received places will be allocated on a first come basis.