Forensic Support

Forensic mental health services assess and treat people who are called ‘mentally disordered offenders’ under the Mental Health Act and who are detained in secure health facilities.

It is vital that people’s rights are safeguarded when their liberty is taken away from them, and that they receive the best care and treatment that meets their needs.

It is also a difficult time for family members and carers who have had to cope with the trauma of their relative reaching crisis and committing an offence and coming into contact with the police and perhaps the prison services.

They are then supporting people being cared for in a highly restricted environment, and families can feel completely excluded from the decisions that are taken that impact on the whole family.

This group is facilitated by Lanarkshire Links and supported by NHS Lanarkshire staff working within forensic services.

Our aim is to support you as a carer and not to discuss individual patients. The group gives the opportunity to raise and discuss issues around your caring role and the service being provided for the patient you care for.

The Group Offers:

  • Our aim is to support you as a carer and not to discuss individual patients.
  • A safe place to meet and talk. Confidential listening and support.
  • Help to access existing community services, activities and resources.
  • The opportunity to speak directly with the Forensic Service Staff Team.
  • Information sessions on diagnosis, treatments, medication and therapies.
  • Involvement in social activities.
  • Sharing of experiences and concerns about illness and care.
  • Help to raise awareness and reduce stigma.
  • Up to date information around services, initiatives and campaigns.
  • Access to research and focus groups relevant to experiences.
  • Involvement in mental health service planning and provision.
  • The opportunity to raise issues at an appropriate level.

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