Children and Young People

It’s crucial that we support children and young people. Public Health Scotland say ‘The majority of mental health problems will develop before age 24 with 50% of mental health difficulties established by age 14. There are many factors that influence children’s mental health. Protecting mental health at an early age is vitally important to ensure future mental wellbeing and resilience.

The fear of being dismissed, judged or treated differently is all too common. We can help by providing a safe space for children to talk openly.

Help and Advice
If you are a young person

If you are a young person

Having conversations about mental health can be hard. Check out some tools that will help you reach out and help others who reach out to you. There are self-help tools here too.

Adults supporting young people

Adults supporting young people

Create and promote a safe place for young people with these self-help, mental health conversations and signposting tools.

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