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Care to Share started as a social media campaign, which focuses on the community coming together to share what we do to look after our mental health and a positive message of hope, that is free from stigma and discrimination. At the start of lockdown, it seemed like the news and social media was consumed by the current pandemic, which was distressing to see. People told us they wanted to hear positive things about mental health, as it is often spoken about from a negative viewpoint – thus Care to Share was born! Stigma Free Lanarkshire want to use our social media platform as a place of positivity, a place where we can connect with others and support each other during these difficult times. We want people to feel comfortable talking about mental health, and to show that we can talk about mental health in a positive way. By encouraging openness we can begin to normalise conversations around mental health and wellbeing. To be clear we are not asking people to disclose mental health issues and we will always provide signposting information to use or share.

We would love to hear what YOU are doing to look after your mental health and to promote positive wellbeing during this time, anyone can get involved because we all have mental health and it’s okay to talk about it. Check out the gallery below to see our Care to Share submissions so far, you can also watch a fantastic video created by the teachers at St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s High School. You can also check out our Care to Share resources page here, to find links to resources, videos, advice, and local groups in Lanarkshire that can support you to have good mental health.

If you want to take part, please email a photograph of yourself/what you are doing, with a short quote of what helps your mental health. Sharing your advice can help inspire and support others.

Alternatively, you can anonymously leave your tips on promoting positive mental health in the box below.

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