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The programme is focused on the power of individual actions that collectively bring about real change.

Our programme board supports our current work plan and includes experts in the fields of health and social care with specialities in mental health, wellbeing, health promotion and suicide prevention among others.

The programmes key aims are that:

  • People will understand that we all have a part to play in creating a mentally health Lanarkshire.
  • People will recognise stigma and discrimination.
  • People will understand the impact of stigma and discrimination on individuals and communities.
  • People will know strategies to prevent mental health stigma and discrimination.
  • People will be confident in tackling stigma and discrimination.
  • People know where to access supports and resources.
  • Empower people with lived experience.
  • Embed anti-stigma practices throughout.
  • Promote know how to promote safe, open and inclusive environments.

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